3D Models FlippedNormals - Fundamental Anatomy for Sculptors free download

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FlippedNormals - Fundamental Anatomy for Sculptors

FlippedNormals - Fundamental Anatomy for Sculptors
Fundamental Anatomy for Sculptors is a course designed to teach anatomy to anyone who works or aims to work with organic sculpture, whether it’s as a fine artist, hobbyist, or as an industry professional.  In this course we look at the limitations of blindly copying work out of anatomy reference books, and focus on a system to allow us to approach anatomy study in a way that has immediate impact on our work, whether we’re sculpting men, women, animals, or creatures, with reference or without.  Christian will teach you a holistic approach to studying anatomy which you can use no matter what you’re sculpting. He will then demo the techniques by blocking in and sculpting a human arm and torso. On the torso, Christian will show you how to change the basic male physique to muscular, skinny, fat, and female, to demonstrate how the figure changes based on muscle and fat distribution – something that is far too often overlooked when studying anatomy.  THE ANATOMY COURSE YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR This course is perfect for artists who have been working with sculpting for a while and who feels they have plateaued. Instead of going through individual muscles A-Z and covering the origin and insertion, this course will focus on the bigger picture. By teaching you solid fundamentals and focusing on practical application, you’ll learn to see figure sculpting in a whole new light after experiencing the techniques taught by Christian. All your character and creature work will be elevated and you’ll get a much deeper understanding of anatomy than before.

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